IW-J20 PRO work station chair

IW-J20 PRO cockpit


Imperatorworks IW-J20 Pro Gatling Gun Version!

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#The Gatling Gun and the track are only decoration. The Gatling Gun is not an actual gun. The track is not motor driven.



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IW-J20 PRO cockpit


The seat of an IW-J20 PRO cockpit is made of a racing car chair, it’s a manually adjustable reclining seat(Heating and massage no longer available). gaming cockpit
The gaming chair frame is made of high-carbon steel, height-adjustable, distance adjustable.
The computer hosts have a place to fix,(beneath the chair) all cablings is hiding inside steel frame to keep home and office tidy for those who are interested to buy a workstation chair online.
12mm thickness of acrylic Armrests is strong enough, the keyboard tray is easy rotary for a user to get in/out to the station,
All iw-J20 game station chair for sale online must have a phone-sized control panel controls every move of the workstation which is very cool and convenient. scorpion gaming chair
Enhance user’s comfort, health and performance when using gaming workstation.
With a base pedestal, the workstation can move freely.
Monitor configurations:
Easy to mount with monitors with VESA mounting configurations 75 x 75, 100 x 100.
32:9 single ultra-wide curved monitor up to 49″.
21:9 single ultra-wide monitor up to 38″.
16:9 single monitor up to 32″.
16:9 Triple monitors up to 3×32″(center monitor VESA holes).
Monitor Weight: Up to 53lbs / 24kg in total.
Monitor Height: Up to 17.5″ / 48cm with VESA holes in the middle.


-Dual motors arms design for more controls
-Motor control for up and down of monitor arms;
-Also Motor control for front and back of monitor arms;
-Motor control for Leg rest plate;
-Manual control for Footrest;
-One Keyboard tray and One Mouse tray(swivel up to 240°);
-Manual control for reclining to 128°,the most comfortable Zero Gravity position;
-Built-in Low Voltage RGB Light Strips;
-Electric massage system and a carbon fiber heating system;
-Anti-glare soft work downlighting;
gaming cockpit
iw-sk workstation chair
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workstation chair gaming
scorpion gaming chair

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