scorpion gaming Chair

scorpion gaming Chair


With the highly stable steel structure, fully electrical tilting capabilities, LED / RGB lighting and much more, Our Newly developed Scorpion shape chair – IW-SK is the future of high-end home and office ,and gaming computer work environments. It offers functions that enable the user to experience unprecedented comfort and quasi total immersion through strategically positioned monitors, audio system and accessories. The result is a complete computer office, ergonomically optimized, with a minimal footprint that improves overall performance and productivity and health and comfort. Sitting on our chair can help a lot for relieving health problems likelower back pain, herniated discs, sciatica, and neck pain and also enhance performance and viewing effects.








scorpion gaming Chair

Buy scorpion game Chair cockpit for sale has the Equipped with Luxury feeling reclining chair made with high-density Mold Shaping Foam and superior quality PU leather with very comfortable texture, electrical recline to 128 degrees, and more to 160 degrees for the flat position for the user. Contact us for more info regarding scorpion gaming chair price.

  • Manual push for open / close of big sized(87x34cm) Keyboard tray, adjustable with 20cm distance range
  • Electrical control for the height of roof arm & monitors
  • also Electrical control for reclining Zero Gravity position or even flat position

scorpion gaming Chair for sale which Monitors distance adjustable from 27” to 34” makes a healthy & more comfortable viewing experience;

Have cup holders on the armrests for beers/coffee/ashtray etc.
Side cabinets under armrest that can be opened.

It’s almost fully assembled inside the shipping crate, takes only 2-3 hours for installation. ALL scorpion pc setup  Cockpit for sale comes with one box, easy to move by two-man!

User: 275 lbs max. (125kg) User Height up to 6’5”.

The IW-SK monitor mounts allow the use of a single monitor up to Ultra-wide 49” or 43” in size or triple monitor setups up to 3 x 29” other monitor configurations is available upon request.(VESA standard). scorpion gaming Chair
in fact Maximum monitor mount weight capacity: 52.8lbs (24kg) Adjustable for distance and height!

Multiple LED lights, positioned on the upper section of the structure, equally important I do provide soft lighting without glaring the displays. Buy scorpion Workstation cockpit also Beautiful colorful RGB lights belts inside the frame change color by remote control. IW-SK

To get in and out of the workstation easily and to adjust the height and distance of the monitor(s), use the electrical upper section lifting and lowering controls. so For the utmost comfort and to partially relieve backpressure. The station will tilt backward up to 170°degrees ( Flat position ) , multiple seat and leg rest adjustments are also controlled by a handy size control panel. scorpion gaming Chair

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scorpion gaming Chair


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