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scorpion gaming chair setup

scorpion gaming setup


scorpion gaming Chair
scorpion gaming Chair

scorpion gaming Chair More Luxury and

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scorpion gaming chair cockpit

Before you buy scorpion gaming chair check out these Features

Designed with Luxurious sensation lying seat created using higher denseness Mildew. Framing Froth as well as exceptionally high-quality PU leather-based

along with really comfy consistency. electric recline in order to 128 levels.

and much more in order to one hundred sixty levels with regard to toned placement with regard to a person.

  • Guide drive with regard to open up or near associated with large sized(87x34cm) Computer keyboard holder.
  • flexible along with 20cm range variety

    • so Electric manage with regard to elevation associated with roofing equip & screens
    • electric manage with regard to lying Absolutely no The law of gravity placement as well as toned placement.

Monitors’ distance adjustable from 27” also 34” makes a healthy & more comfortable viewing experience.

Possess mug cases about the armrests with regard to beers/coffee/ashtray and so on.

Aspect cupboards below armrest that may be opened up.

the delivery cage was nearing complete put together

also consider just 2-3 several hours with regard to set up. Imperator Cluvens Scorpion Pc Cockpit includes 1 container, simple to proceed through 2 guys!

User: 275 lbs max. (125kg) also User Height up to 6’5”.

The IW-SK monitor mounts allow the use of a single monitor up to Ultra-wide 49” or 43” in size.

also, triple monitor setups up to 3 x 29” other monitor configurations is available upon request.(VESA standard). so
Maximum monitor mount weight capacity: 52.8lbs (24kg) Adjustable for distance and height!

Multiple LED lights, positioned on the upper section of the structure, provide soft lighting without glaring the displays.
so Beautiful colorful RGB lights belts inside the frame change color by remote control.

To get in and out of the workstation easily and to adjust the height and distance of the monitor(s), use the electrical upper section lifting and lowering controls. For the utmost comfort and to partially relieve back pressure, the station will tilt backward up to 170°degrees ( Flat position ) ,multiple seat and leg rest adjustments are also controlled by handy size control panel.

Flat Position (160 Degree tilting )

scorpion shaped gaming station chair

Upright Position

Keyboard & Armrest are manual open/close for easy exit / into the workstation


scorpion gaming chair price
scorpion chair computer


scorpion chair price 

scorpion gaming chair price
scorpion gaming chair price